The National Security Podcast

Binary bullets

Episode Summary

In this National Security Podcast, Adam Henschke talks cyberterrorism, cyberwarfare and disruptive technology with Chris Farnham.

Episode Notes

State-on-State cyber-attacks occur with semi-regularity, while the world suffers from cybercrime on a daily basis. But what about cyberterrorism? How do terror groups use the internet to cause harm? And where is the line between cyber-sabotage and cyberwarfare? Dr Adam Henschke discusses these issues and related ethical concerns with Chris Farnham in this fortnight’s National Security Podcast.

Dr Adam Henschke is a Senior Lecturer and Graduate Convenor at the ANU National Security College and a research fellow with Delft University of Technology (Netherlands).

Chris Farnham is the presenter of the National Security Podcast. He joined the National Security College in June 2015 as Policy and Events Officer. His career focus has been on geopolitics with experience working in and out of China for a number of years as well as operating in Australia and Southeast Asia.

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